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Mental Health First Aid - Mar 18.
This was such an informative and valuable course and I have got so much out of it, I shall be recommending it to all my friends and colleagues. The Trainers (Gary and Nick) were quite wonderful and so kind and funny and ‘human’...they made the difficult material much easier to explore with the way in which they presented it. I have definately come away with much more confidence and understanding and the MHFA reference book is on top of my pile of books to read through. It is a brilliant course book with all the references and addresses that will come in so useful. Claire

Latest feedback 25 Jan 18 - Paediatric First Aid.

The ability to apply this training to my own children as well as in the work place made this a valuable course. Aislinn - Telford

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Clair Comments on her EFAW course

Posted by Heys First Aid on Friday, 18 March 2016

27 Feb 18 - Emergency First Aid at Work course.
I enjoyed the resusitation and AED training I feel it was nice and simply presented and I feel a lot more confident
Jeanette - Telford.

27 Feb 18 - Emergency First Aid at Work Course.
I learnt more on this one day course than I did with my previous 3 day course with another training provider. Fantastic Thank you.
Nicola - Telford.

07 Mar 18 - Emergency First Aid At Work Course.
This course was informative and up to date, very interesting and useful. Thank you Heys First Aid.
Breogan - Shrewsbury.

10 Jul 14 - Automated External Defibrillation course.
A very informative course. Audiance made to feel welcome and encouraged participation. Answered all questions with ease and confidence. Would highly recomend.
Jacqueline Elms.

8 Jan 15 - Automatic External Defibrillation course.
The training was great. The attention to detail along with the chance to do CPR for an extended period was very useful. Course was in a very relaxed atmosphere which made asking questions very easy.
Andrea Dunicliff - Uttoxeter Dental Surgery.

19 Aug 15 - Automatic External Defibrillation course.
I now have the confidence to use this equipment and know exactly what to do. Great course!!
Gary Hayward - HL Smith Transmisions.

26 Apr 17 - First Aid At Work course.
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Mar 18 - First Aid At Work course.
I can't thank Simon enough without his training I wouldn't have been able to save a life last Friday doing cpr until the ambulance came. You never think you'll need it trust me when you need to do it. You do it no question but I felt fully confident with Simons training your the star simon helping others to help others x
Lisa - Telford

26 Oct 17 - First Aid At Work course.
Everything was really useful and lots of opportunity to practice. Instructor was very knowledgable and responded to my queries.
Teyi - Manchester